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e-Learning promises to completely change the nature of education internationally. In principle, the Internet could allow every person on the planet equal access to lectures, course materials, research expertise, and interactive resources. The long term goal of this Web site is to make a range of free courseware available on the Internet involving quantum chemistry, laser spectroscopy, material science, and nanoscience. This Web site is also dynamic, in the sense that there is no final draft or edition. On the contrary, it is intended to be regularly improved and updated. Of course, it would be nice to include more interactive content as well, but we are understaffed at the moment. Nevertheless, we hope Topics in Molecular Quantum Mechanics will be only the first in a series of tutorials.

With MathML enabled Web browsers, such as Mozilla, math and scientific content can be incorporated seamlessly into Web pages, Internet learning materials, and other software documents. It also provides a standard for dynamic and interactive equations. A good place to start learning about MathML is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web site and the Mozilla Organization. Rendering of MathML encoded equations by the Mozilla browser using Linux can be seen in the following two screenshots: Screenshot1.png and Screenshot2.png.

We would look forward to hearing from you to discuss proposals for collaborative efforts, or just to receive comments and suggestions regarding our Web site.


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